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Donations from people like you make these life-changing stories possible. Without your generosity, thousands of individuals with surgically treatable conditions will go without much-needed care. Learn how you can help write positive stories for people worldwide by visiting our donations page today.

A Bond Built from Hope: Kriti’s Story
When Dr. Vinita Puri was asked to travel to Dehradun, India to perform free reconstructive surgeries...
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Introducing the Third PWRS Cohort
ReSurge International and SkinCeuticals are proud to announce our third cohort of women reconstructive...
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Dr. Rose Alenyo: Surgical Outreach Partner in Uganda
At ReSurge, we transform lives in low-income countries by training, funding, and empowering local reconstructive...
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Dr Kush Aeron
Dr. Kush Aeron: Surgical Outreach Partner in Dehradun, India
At ReSurge, we know that one of most effective way to transform lives in low-income countries is through...
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Sushan's Story: Burn Awareness
Young Sushan from Nepal was only 18-months-old when the unthinkable happened. He was walking with his...
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2022 Annual Report: An New Era of Impact
We are proud to present our 2022 Annual Report! At ReSurge, we envision a world where no person has...
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Nothing's Impossible: Jacob's Story
It is a warm October afternoon in Itigi, a small village in central Tanzania. The round and full sun...
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5 Reasons I Donate to ReSurge
Helene is a recent ReSurge International donor from Durham, North Carolina. She is a retired English...
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Meet Claire Lachance, ReSurge’s new President and CEO
ReSurge is thrilled to introduce you to our new President and CEO, Claire Lachance. Claire is a transformative...
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Dr. Vinita Puri is Helping Women and Amputees in India
Dr. Vinita Puri is a true humanitarian. She is a professor and the head of the plastic and reconstructive...
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The Surgical Team Training Trip
ReSurge International was one of the first organizations of our kind to swiftly transition into virtual...
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Learning Self Love: Pitam's Story
Pitam Kuwar is a bolt of energy. His strong laugh, big heart, respectful nature, and ear-to-ear smile...
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A Fight With the Clock: Matias’ Story
In the rural Bolivian village of Villamontes, women experiencing birthing complications have few resources. For...
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Meet Dr. David Silver, Exchange Scholar
Transforming the practice of reconstructive surgery in Sub-Saharan Africa is no small feat. For every...
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Meet ReSurge's 2022 Laub Fellow: Kristen Pan
The Donald R. Laub Fellowship program, named after our founder Don Laub, allows for a fourth-year...
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Nepal's Speech Therapy Camps
At ReSurge, we want our patients to thrive post-surgery. We have a holistic approach to surgical care...
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Jorge de la Cruz: Surgical Outreach Partner Interview
Dr. Jorge de la Cruz has been a Surgical Outreach Partner and a valued member of the ReSurge family for...
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Dr. Goran Jovic: Surgical Outreach Partner Interview
For the past 23 years, ReSurge has had the honor of working with Dr. Goran Jovic, one of the only reconstructive...
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Accessing Rural Care: Aarati's Story
When a child in a remote rural village is born with a surgically treatable condition, there are a lot...
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Introducing the Matolase Mtonga Scholarship Winners
It takes a special kind of bravery to reflect on one’s own community—with love and critique—and to then...
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Wrapped in a Smile: Evani's Story
When you meet 8-year-old Evani, you can’t help but catch her infectious and bubbly smile. This bright...
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Soccer Lover and Survivor: Sajin's Story
“I keep asking my brother for soccer cleats because I love playing, but he tells me, ‘no’ because he...
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Surgical Outreach Partner Spotlight: Dr. Pedro Santos
Dr. Pedro Santos grew up in Mozambique during a time of civil war. His father, a doctor, would come home...
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2022 Transformations Gala: A Global Festival
The 2022 ReSurge Transformations Gala: A Global Festival was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who...
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Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Paige Fox
Sometimes the most meaningful things in life happen by chance. Dr. Paige Fox is a Professor in the Division...
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Dr. Seif Nuru: ReSurge's First Annual Scholar
Dr. Seif Nuru is a general surgeon from Tanzania, studying in Uganda, and ReSurge’s first Annual Reconstructive...
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Dr. Dung Nguyen: A Pioneering Volunteer, Mentor, and Woman in Reconstructive Surgery
When Dr. Dung Nguyen was growing up in Vietnam, she was very aware of the importance of access to healthcare....
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Donor Profile: WELLReceived
We’re excited to announce that ReSurge International has been selected as the latest organization to...
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Black History Month: An Interview With Dr. Paul Thesiger
“My time with ReSurge was the best year of my academic and professional life and it has shaped me as...
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Black History Month: An Interview With Dr. Carla Epps
Black History Month honors the incredible contributions that Black communities have made throughout American...
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Sharing the Art and Science of Hand Surgery: An Interview with Dr. Jeff Friedrich
Dr. Jeff Friedrich is a ReSurge medical volunteer and Professor of Surgery, Orthopedics, and Urology...
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A Localized Global Surgery Curriculum Across Africa
What is the difference between the curriculum accessible to residents at Stanford Medicine’s Division...
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A Phoenix Rising: Sujana's Story
Sujana is a six-year-old who lives in the outskirts of the Katmandu Valley in Nepal with her parents...
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A Productive Life: Jackson's Story
Meet Jackson. This exuberant boy took a ten-hour bus ride with his mother to our clinic in Tanzania....
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A Bright Future: Philip's Story
Philp is a bright-eyed toddler who loves playtime with his siblings. Philp was born in Uganda, a country...
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Our First Trip in 2021: Part Two in Zimbabwe
Over the past year, ReSurge was not able to facilitate international travel or in-person training due...
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Celebrating the Life & Legacy of Dr. Dave Dingman
With sadness, we mourn the loss of Dr. Dave Dingman, ReSurge’s first Consulting Medical Officer, who...
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In Loving Memory of Dr. Matolase Mtonga
With heavy hearts, we share some tragic news of a painful loss in our ReSurge International family. Our...
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Our First Trip of 2021: ReSurge in Kenya
Getting Back in the Saddle Like the rest of the world, ReSurge had to halt all travel and in-person...
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In Loving Memory of Tyson Clark
With heavy hearts, we mourn the loss of ReSurge board member and dear friend, Tyson Clark, who passed...
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ReSurge Honors: An Event Honoring The Empowerment Model
On November 10th, 2021, we proudly hosted our first annual ReSurge Honors event at Sharon Heights Golf...
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The Ripple Effect: 2021 Annual Report
We Are Proud to Present Our 2021 Annual Report! We are thrilled to share our 2021 ReSurge International...
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A Mother’s Fierce Hope: Basanti's Story
ReSurge’s patients and their families are brave. They are strong. They are fighters. Some take a bus...
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eLearning Center Spotlight
ReSurge International was one of the first organizations of our kind to swiftly transition into virtual...
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Do You See What I See? Augmented Reality in the OR
ReSurge International is proud to partner with Ohana One International Surgical Aid, a global surgical...
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Dr. Tinga Nyoni: A Pioneering Woman Surgeon Achieves Highest Board Scores in the Region
The COVID-19 pandemic hit the global surgery sector hard. All international travel was canceled and elective...
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Pride Is Not a Factor: Dr. Swain on Being a Resurge Humanitarian and Partner
For over six years, Dr. Bharatendu Swain has been a ReSurge International Surgical Outreach Partner....
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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement
ReSurge International is an international global health organization driven to address surgical inequities...
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In Good Hands: The Story of Young Bibas
“Other than the face, our hands are the most communicative part of our body when connecting to the outside...
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How ReSurge is Shaping the Future: A Conversation With Dr. Gordon Lee
At ReSurge International, our reconstructive surgical care and training transforms the lives of thousands...
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Lawrence Cai: Meet the Laub Fellow Quantifying our Impact
The Donald R. Laub Fellowship program, named after our founder Don Laub, allows for a fourth-year...
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Volunteer Spotlight: Honoring The Golden Girls of ReSurge
It’s a sunny day at the Canyon Inn, a classic family diner decked in1970s sports memorabilia in Redwood...
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Donor Spotlight: How Women Surgeons in Los Angeles Are Paying It Forward Across the Globe
Empowered women empower women. Since we launched the Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery...
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Learning and Unlearning: Our DEI Journey
“The pandemic plus the national attention to matters of equity—including access to healthcare—have highlighted...
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Juneteenth National Independence Day Statement
On June 19, 2021 the United States will celebrate Juneteenth National Independence Day, as an official...
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Pioneering Woman in Reconstructive Surgery Profile: Matolase Mtonga
Dr. Matolase Mtonga always knew she wanted to be a surgeon. But as a medical student in Zambia she found...
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Transformations: 2020 Annual Report
The year 2020 was unlike any other. We began on a high note, celebrating our 50th anniversary as the...
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Standing in Solidarity with India and Nepal
Dear Friends and Colleagues, The current situation and devastation caused by the novel coronavirus...
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Volunteer Spotlight: Dharshan Sivaraj
At ReSurge International, we have the honor and privilege to work alongside many talented partners, staff,...
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Hope in Nepal: A Mother and Baby’s Journey
A child born with a cleft lip in Nepal has a tough journey ahead. Difficulty breastfeeding and chronic...
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Delali Attiogbe Attipoe Brings a Wealth of Experience in Global Health
In pursuit of finding a non-profit that shared her personal passion of expanding health access to those...
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Making-a-Powerful-Impact-in-Peru 1
Making a Powerful Impact in Peru
Dr. Percy Rossell-Perry, a practicing reconstructive surgeon at Edgardo Rebagliati Hospital...
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Board Spotlight: Meredith Taylor
A ReSurge Board Member since 2015, Meredith Taylor was recently named Chair of our Board of Directors. ...
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Passion and Service: A Conversation With Dr. Thomas Davenport
Thomas Davenport, MD, FACS, board-certified plastic surgeon and partner at Long Island Plastic Surgical...
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The-Higgins-Shaw-Nepal-Microsurgery-Fund 1
The Higgins-Shaw Nepal Microsurgery Fund
None of our work would be possible without the steadfast support of you, our donors — together we’re...
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Our Founder - Don Laub
In 1969, a group of volunteers from the Bay Area’s Latin American Mission Program (LAMP) requested help...
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Board Spotlight: Eileen Sheldon
Eileen Sheldon, ReSurge Board member, recently did a spectacular job chairing our Transformations...
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Volunteer Spotlight: Deb Rusy MD
How did you hear about ReSurge and get involved? One of the University of Wisconsin pediatric neurosurgeons...
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ReSurge Board Views Impact Up Close
In May, members of ReSurge’s board of directors visited our surgical outreach partner sites in Nepal...
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Interview with New Laub Fellow, Chao Long
We are proud to introduce Chao Long, the newly selected Donald R. Laub Fellow. Named for our ReSurge...
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Interview with Laub Fellow Dr. Anna Luan
Dr. Anna Luan recently completed the Donald R. Laub Fellowship. Named for our ReSurge founder and co-funded...
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Volunteer Spotlight: Sue Fossum
When ReSurge volunteer Sue Fossum first heard about ReSurge, she was working in the PACU at UC Davis,...
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Dr Hien Thi Nguyen Honored at Transformations Gala
Dr. Hien Thi Nguyen knew the rural poor of her country needed the medical services ReSurge provides....
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ReSurge, COSECSA Partner to Launch Initiative in Southern Africa
ReSurge is pleased to be launching a new initiative to increase access to safe reconstructive surgical...
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What I Learned Firsthand on the Ground in Dehradun
By Tom Seery I spent the first days of 2020 in Dehradun, India as part of a visiting educator trip...
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Fiftieth Anniversary Flashback: The 1980's
When Dr. Mark Singleton was asked to join a surgical mission trip in 1986, he was intrigued by the thought...
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ReSurge and ASSH Volunteers Share Their Experiences from Bolivia
In May of this year, a medical team of hand surgeons and hand therapists traveled with ReSurge, in partnership...
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Kathmandu Leadership Training
Last month, we packed our bags and headed to Kathmandu for a week of leadership training for the employees...
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Introducing Anna Luan, ReSurge's Third Laub Fellow
We are proud to introduce Anna Luan, the newly selected Donald R. Laub Fellow. Named for our ReSurge...
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Razia, Rohingya Refugee
Earlier this month, a ReSurge surgical mission trip visited Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, where we treated...
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Ty, Acid Burn Survivor
Ty is a thirty-four-year-old woman with a beautiful smile. We treated her on a recent visit to Phan Rang...
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Helping India's Children Heal From Burns
Meet Sheetal. At age 12, she was burned in a fire at her home where she lives with her widowed mother...
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Donor Spotlight: A Lesson in Karma
“If you do something good for others, something good will come to you.” This is how Anthony D. explained...
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Delivering Long-Term Impact Through Anesthesia Training
A well-known expert in pediatric anesthesiology, Dr. George Gregory has volunteered his skills with ReSurge...
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Cleft Palate Repair Follow Up in Vietnam
An important part of our mission is to provide reconstructive surgical care for poor children and adults...
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Dr. Shankar Man Rai Bio
Dr. Shankar Man Rai, a world-renowned expert at repairing clefts and burn injuries, has provided more...
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Dr. Shilu Shrestha: Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Shrestha is an orthopedic hand surgeon at the Hospital and Rehabilitation center for Disabled Children...
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Dr. Pramila Shakya: Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Shakya is a maxillofacial surgeon at the Nepal Cleft and Burn Center at Kirtipur Hospital in Kathmandu....
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Dr. Lorena Escudero: Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Escudero is a plastic surgeon at Luis Vernaza Hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador, the largest nonprofit...
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Dr. Farzana Ibrahim: Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery
Dr Ibrahim is a senior registrar in the plastic surgery department at Birdem General Hospital (Bangladesh...
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Dr. Faith Muchemwa: Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Muchemwa is a consultant plastic and reconstructive  surgeon, at Parirenyatwa Hospital at the...
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Dr. Celma Issufo: Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Issufo is the plastic surgery service director at Mozambique’s Maputo Central Hospital. She treats...
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Life-Changing Microsurgery in Nepal
In mid-July, ReSurge sent visiting educators Dr. Gordon Lee and Dr. Matthew Chetta to train local residents...
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Burn Care Education in Mozambique
In late August 2016, a visiting educator team made ReSurge’s inaugural visit to Mozambique, as part of...
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Improving Nursing and Specialty Care in Bhutan
ReSurge’s Visiting Educator trips to Bhutan are making an impact after just over a year working in the...
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Creating Lasting Impact in Zambia
A patient story as told by Dr. Goran Jovic. At first, I did not notice anything unusual about him. I...
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An Empowered Survivor | Kanchana
Kanchana is a bright young nurse in Sri Lanka. She graduated eleventh out of 30,000 nursing students...
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Training the Next Generation of Surgeons in Cuba
At the beginning of his career, Dr. Bill McClure was on track to become a cardiovascular surgeon–that...
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The Road to Hope | Priyanka
Vijay arises early, before the sun is up, and gently wakes his daughter Priyanka. She looks into his...
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The Real Impact of Surgery | Luis Fernando
On a trip to Ecuador in 2012, we met five-year-old Luis Fernando. Two years prior, he had been terribly...
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The Incredible Impact | Punkaj
In early 2013, ReSurge sent a team trip to Dehradun, India, where we have a Surgical Outreach Program...
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The Character and Spirit of Hasan
Hasan is a daughter, a sister, a mother and at the moment, our patient. Hasan’s smile is a clear window...
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Seeking Advice on a Hyena Bite
When Dr. Goran Jovic was presented the case of a teenager attacked by a hyena, he turned to ReSurge Grand...
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Restoring future dreams | Rinchin
Rinchin, 13, wants to be a movie star. He is one of the patients we met recently when students from Stanford...
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Removing Stigma | Huynh
Five-year-old Huynh was born in a small village in Vietnam with a condition known as congenital hairy...
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Without Surgery, School Was Not Within His Reach | Nguyen
Four-year-old Nguyen was born with three of his fingers fused on each hand, a congenital birth defect...
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Reconnecting with Lilliam After More Than 10 Years
The year was 1987, and Marlon and Violeta in Nicaragua were like any other parents of a new baby girl—concerned...
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Our First Patient | Antonio
In the 1960s, Antonio, a 13-year-old boy from Mexicali, Mexico, was being raised by his grandmother,...
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Mom and My | A Mother's Hope
Sixteen-month-old My and her mother, Hat, live in Quy Nhon, on Vietnam’s eastern coast. When Hat was...
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Making Dreams Possible | Tonmoy
Tonmoy was living the life of a typical 6-year-old boy—climbing trees and running around. One day, while...
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Making Connections for His Care | Sorie
As the director of international services at ReSurge International, Amy Laden is often contacted by individuals...
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Magali: Paying it forward
Magali’s original accident took place when she was two years old. Her mother was preparing caramelo (cooked...
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Helping Oumar Be Mali's First Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon
In Mali, there is only one physician for every 12,800 people—and no reconstructive plastic surgeons....
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Helping Mother and Child | Hoa & Hoai
Hoa, a young mother, knew intimately the stigma of a cleft lip as she had been born with one herself....
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Healing Hands: Joseph and Adriana
Joseph is a 7-year-old boy from El Alto, Bolivia. He was born with syndactyly, a condition in which his...
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Giving a Mother Peace of Mind
When baby Christine was born in central Zambia, her mother immediately noticed that something was wrong....
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Future Basketball Player | Jonathan
When you meet Jonathan, you quickly realize he has more cares than a typical 6-year-old should. He has...
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Freeing Sirisu's Hand
Sirisu is a charming 4-year-old from Nepal who accidentally scalded his arm while making hot food for...
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Dara: The Right Start to Life
During a clinic in Nicaragua last March, we met 2-month-old Dara. Dara, like so many other children,...
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Creatively Treating Acute Burns | Astha
Astha, a baby girl in Nepal, fell from her mother’s lap into a fire during a traditional ceremony when...
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Chrispine and Mwate: Crossing the Border for Hope
Determined to do the best they could for their babies, mothers Bella and Mwanga banded together for a...
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Bringing Hope to Mali | Awa
Awa, an 11-year-old girl, was shaking down fruit from a tree with a metal pole when her pole hit a live...
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Back to School Despite His Disability | Alam
Alam lives in an apartment building in Dhaka, one of the most densely populated cities in the world....
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Andrea: From Patient to Nurse
Jacqueline’s 28-year-old daughter, Andrea, is her pride and joy. When Andrea was born with a bilateral...
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An Emotional Return to India | Nisha
I’ve been looking forward to returning to Dehradun because I would finally get the opportunity to revisit...
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A Smile 58 Years in the Making | Tam
On a surgical team trip to Quy Nhon, Vietnam, we met Tam, a man who has been waiting 58 years to have...
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A Mother's Hope For Her Son
Mateo was one of nearly 17,000 people who receive a severe burn every year in Zambia, a country with...
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A Mother's Dedication | Y Dim
Y Dim, now 2 years old, was born in the rural mountains of Vietnam with a cleft lip. After she was born,...
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A Glimpse into Man Kumari's life
Outside Bharatapur, a southern crossroads town where Nepal’s east and west meet on the nation’s main...
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A Family Renewed | Thi
The ReSurge team fell in love with 3-month-old Thi Ngol Quyen during a trip to Vietnam in April 2013....
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A Contracture Released, A Life Renewed | Quynh
Like more than 2 billion people worldwide, Quynh’s family in Vietnam does their cooking over open fires....
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A Bright Future | Kalus
Kalus is an 8-year-old boy from a small village between Pokhara and Kathmandu in Nepal, who could not...
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Jacob's Arms are Freed
Five-year-old Jacob is bright, outgoing and likes to play football. But life for Jacob hasn’t been carefree. His...
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12 Years After Cleft Lip Surgery
12 Years After Cleft Lip Surgery
Ganesh is 14 years old. Despite living in a small rural village of Nepal, he dreams of becoming a doctor....
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Meet Jonas from Tanzania
Jonas is one brave little 5 year old. He lives with his family under a giant baobob tree on the plains...
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Hands & Father's Hope
When Favour was 3 years old, he was at home alone with his 12-year-old cousin who was looking after him....
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Regaining the Ability to Walk | Mohammed Hussein
Mohammed Hussein was just 7 years old when the accident occurred that left him on crutches. He was...
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