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Your donations are why we can change lives for underserved individuals through reconstructive surgery. Start a fundraiser today to help us make a greater impact!

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Double Your Impact This Giving Tuesday

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is a special day when people around the world celebrate generosity and practice gratitude. This year, we’re celebrating the progress of ReSurge’s patient, Jacob. Jacob was 10 years old when he suffered severe burns on 60% of his body. After 10 reconstructive surgeries and with the support of Dr. Nuru, Dr. Chris Connor and a skin donation from his mother, Jacob is now healthy and thriving. 

Celebrate his progress and Giving Tuesday with ReSurge by doubling your impact & giving today!

Birthday Fundraiser

There’s no better way to celebrate your birthday than changing the world through a fundraising campaign. Make an impact with your special day by encouraging your loved ones to donate to ReSurge’s mission instead of traditional gifts. Your birthday campaign could change a patient’s someone’s life forever.

Make this birthday one to remember by launching a birthday campaign today!

Post Trip Fundraiser

If you have participated in a recent Surgical Team Training Trip trip, your influence shouldn’t end when your trip does. Start your fundraising campaign to share your story and continue growing ReSurge’s influence throughout the world.

Trips with ReSurge are life-changing experiences, and the world needs to hear your story. Launch your campaign and start sharing your story today

Your Support Makes Our Mission Possible

We are grateful for our opportunity to touch the lives of those needing surgical treatment worldwide and grow sustainable systems for local surgical teams in low-income countries. However, we cannot make an impact without your support. Donate today to create a ripple effect that changes the world through life-changing, no-cost reconstructive surgeries.

Jacob Youssef Samuel - Burn Survivor

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