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ReSurge Presents at The UN Commission on the Status of Women
Girls on Fire: The Gendered Outcomes of Burn Injuries In a world where health disparities challenge...
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Dr. Vinita Puri - KEM Hospital Mumbai, India
Dr. Vinita Puri is Mending Lives
Dr. Vinita Puri is a true humanitarian. She is a professor and the head of the plastic and reconstructive...
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Local Action for Global Impact: 2023 Annual Report
We Are Honored to Share Our 2023 Annual Report We are proud to celebrate an exceptional year in which...
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Limb Salvage Team
The Road to Recovery: Surviving A Road Accident in Tanzania
Life-changing accident leads to a historic medical milestone in Tanzania. Read the incredible journey...
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Millions Need Reconstructive Surgery Globally. This Organization Takes a Local Approach to the Problem
Discover ReSurge International: A Silicon Valley-based nonprofit tackling global surgical challenges,...
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Removing Scars
Born with a cleft lip, Pritam Kunwar's life changed at 26. Two surgeries, speech therapy, now a Taekwondo...
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Why I Give: A Donor's Perspective from Elvis Maduro
Discover why Elvis Maduro became a donor for ReSurge International, supporting life-changing cleft surgeries...
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Africa Exchange Program Scholars Complete Their Training
Today, five billion people live without access to surgical care. Sub-Saharan Africa has the most acute...
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5 Things We Learned from Dr. Shankar Man Rai
ReSurge International recently hosted Transformational Conversations: An Evening with Dr. Shankar Man...
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Mato Scholars
Introducing the Newest Matolase Mtonga Scholarship Winners
Meet the five winners of the 2023/24 Matolase Mtonga Scholarship! These powerful women are dedicated...
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Aastha's Story
In rural Nepal, a remarkable young girl named Aastha has captured hearts with her unwavering spirit and...
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One Year Later: The 2022-23 Matolase Mtonga Scholars
Read the inspiring journey of the Matolase Mtonga Memorial Scholarship recipients in reconstructive surgery...
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Bridging the Global Reconstructive Surgery Gap
*This post originally appeared on the Global Health Council’s blog. The Global Health Council,...
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Anything for Their Baby: Itzel's Story
David and Dayana are a young couple from a rural Bolivian town who went against all odds to save their...
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#TransformationsGala (3)
2023 Transformations Gala: A Life-Changing Journey
Our annual ReSurge International Transformations gala was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who joined...
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A Bond Built from Hope: Kriti’s Story
When Dr. Vinita Puri was asked to travel to Dehradun, India to perform free reconstructive surgeries...
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PWRS NYC 2022-64 (1)
Introducing the Third PWRS Cohort
Introducing our 3rd cohort of women reconstructive surgeons! Six talented women from around the world...
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Dr. Rose Alenyo - Kiruddu National Hospital Kampala, Uganda
Dr. Rose Alenyo: Surgical Outreach Partner in Uganda
At ReSurge, we transform lives in low-income countries by training, funding, and empowering local reconstructive...
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Dr. Kush Aeron - Helping Hands Guayaquil, India
Dr. Kush Aeron: Surgical Outreach Partner in Dehradun, India
At ReSurge, we know that one of most effective way to transform lives in low-income countries is through...
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Sushan's Story: Burn Awareness
Young Sushan from Nepal was only 18-months-old when the unthinkable happened. He was walking with his...
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2022 Annual Report: An New Era of Impact
We are proud to present our 2022 Annual Report! At ReSurge, we envision a world where no person has...
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Jacob Youssef Samuel - Burn Survivor
Nothing's Impossible: Jacob's Story
It is a warm October afternoon in Itigi, a small village in central Tanzania. The round and full sun...
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5 Reasons I Donate to ReSurge
Helene is a recent ReSurge International donor from Durham, North Carolina. She is a retired English...
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Claire Lachance - President and CEO
Meet Claire Lachance, ReSurge’s new President and CEO
Introducing Claire Lachance, the new President and CEO of ReSurge. A transformative leader dedicated...
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