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Why I Give: A Donor's Perspective from Elvis Maduro
In 1962, Elvis Maduro was born in Manhattan with a cleft lip and palate. At that time, cleft surgery...
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Africa Exchange Program Scholars Complete Their Training
Today, five billion people live without access to surgical care. Sub-Saharan Africa has the most acute...
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5 Things We Learned from Dr. Shankar Man Rai
ReSurge International recently hosted Transformational Conversations: An Evening with Dr. Shankar Man...
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Mato Scholars
Introducing the Newest Matolase Mtonga Scholarship Winners
Today, there are only three female surgeons for every 1 million people in low-income countries. ReSurge...
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Donations from people like you make these life-changing stories possible. Without your generosity, thousands of individuals with surgically treatable conditions will go without much-needed care. Learn how you can help write positive stories for people worldwide by visiting our donations page today.

5 Reasons I Donate to ReSurge
Helene is a recent ReSurge International donor from Durham, North Carolina. She is a retired English...
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Meet Claire Lachance, ReSurge’s new President and CEO
ReSurge is thrilled to introduce you to our new President and CEO, Claire Lachance. Claire is a transformative...
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Dr. Vinita Puri is Helping Women and Amputees in India
Dr. Vinita Puri is a true humanitarian. She is a professor and the head of the plastic and reconstructive...
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The Surgical Team Training Trip
ReSurge International was one of the first organizations of our kind to swiftly transition into virtual...
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Learning Self Love: Pitam's Story
Pitam Kuwar is a bolt of energy. His strong laugh, big heart, respectful nature, and ear-to-ear smile...
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A Fight With the Clock: Matias’ Story
In the rural Bolivian village of Villamontes, women experiencing birthing complications have few resources. For...
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Meet Dr. David Silver, Exchange Scholar
Transforming the practice of reconstructive surgery in Sub-Saharan Africa is no small feat. For every...
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Meet ReSurge's 2022 Laub Fellow: Kristen Pan
The Donald R. Laub Fellowship program, named after our founder Don Laub, allows for a fourth-year...
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Nepal's Speech Therapy Camps
At ReSurge, we want our patients to thrive post-surgery. We have a holistic approach to surgical care...
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Jorge de la Cruz: Surgical Outreach Partner Interview
Dr. Jorge de la Cruz has been a Surgical Outreach Partner and a valued member of the ReSurge family for...
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Dr. Goran Jovic: Surgical Outreach Partner Interview
For the past 23 years, ReSurge has had the honor of working with Dr. Goran Jovic, one of the only reconstructive...
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Accessing Rural Care: Aarati's Story
When a child in a remote rural village is born with a surgically treatable condition, there are a lot...
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Introducing the Matolase Mtonga Scholarship Winners
It takes a special kind of bravery to reflect on one’s own community—with love and critique—and to then...
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Wrapped in a Smile: Evani's Story
When you meet 8-year-old Evani, you can’t help but catch her infectious and bubbly smile. This bright...
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Soccer Lover and Survivor: Sajin's Story
“I keep asking my brother for soccer cleats because I love playing, but he tells me, ‘no’ because he...
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Surgical Outreach Partner Spotlight: Dr. Pedro Santos
Dr. Pedro Santos grew up in Mozambique during a time of civil war. His father, a doctor, would come home...
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2022 Transformations Gala: A Global Festival
The 2022 ReSurge Transformations Gala: A Global Festival was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who...
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Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Paige Fox
Sometimes the most meaningful things in life happen by chance. Dr. Paige Fox is a Professor in the Division...
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Dr. Seif Nuru: ReSurge's First Annual Scholar
Dr. Seif Nuru is a general surgeon from Tanzania, studying in Uganda, and ReSurge’s first Annual Reconstructive...
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Dr. Dung Nguyen: A Pioneering Volunteer, Mentor, and Woman in Reconstructive Surgery
When Dr. Dung Nguyen was growing up in Vietnam, she was very aware of the importance of access to healthcare....
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