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Aastha's Story
In rural Nepal, a remarkable young girl named Aastha has captured hearts with her unwavering spirit and...
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One Year Later: The 2022-23 Matolase Mtonga Scholars
In 2022, ReSurge International and SkinCeuticals awarded three exceptional women the first annual Matolase...
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Bridging the Global Reconstructive Surgery Gap
*This post originally appeared on the Global Health Council’s blog. The Global Health Council,...
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Anything for Their Baby: Itzel's Story
David and Dayana are a young couple from a rural Bolivian town who went against all odds to save their...
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Donor Profile: WELLReceived
We’re excited to announce that ReSurge International has been selected as the latest organization to...
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Black History Month: An Interview With Dr. Paul Thesiger
“My time with ReSurge was the best year of my academic and professional life and it has shaped me as...
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Black History Month: An Interview With Dr. Carla Epps
Black History Month honors the incredible contributions that Black communities have made throughout American...
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Sharing the Art and Science of Hand Surgery: An Interview with Dr. Jeff Friedrich
Dr. Jeff Friedrich is a ReSurge medical volunteer and Professor of Surgery, Orthopedics, and Urology...
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A Localized Global Surgery Curriculum Across Africa
What is the difference between the curriculum accessible to residents at Stanford Medicine’s Division...
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A Phoenix Rising: Sujana's Story
Sujana is a six-year-old who lives in the outskirts of the Katmandu Valley in Nepal with her parents...
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A Productive Life: Jackson's Story
Meet Jackson. This exuberant boy took a ten-hour bus ride with his mother to our clinic in Tanzania....
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A Bright Future: Philip's Story
Philp is a bright-eyed toddler who loves playtime with his siblings. Philp was born in Uganda, a country...
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Our First Trip in 2021: Part Two in Zimbabwe
Over the past year, ReSurge was not able to facilitate international travel or in-person training due...
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Celebrating the Life & Legacy of Dr. Dave Dingman
With sadness, we mourn the loss of Dr. Dave Dingman, ReSurge’s first Consulting Medical Officer, who...
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In Loving Memory of Dr. Matolase Mtonga
With heavy hearts, we share some tragic news of a painful loss in our ReSurge International family. Our...
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Our First Trip of 2021: ReSurge in Kenya
Getting Back in the Saddle Like the rest of the world, ReSurge had to halt all travel and in-person...
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In Loving Memory of Tyson Clark
With heavy hearts, we mourn the loss of ReSurge board member and dear friend, Tyson Clark, who passed...
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ReSurge Honors: An Event Honoring The Empowerment Model
On November 10th, 2021, we proudly hosted our first annual ReSurge Honors event at Sharon Heights Golf...
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The Ripple Effect: 2021 Annual Report
We Are Proud to Present Our 2021 Annual Report! We are thrilled to share our 2021 ReSurge International...
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A Mother’s Fierce Hope: Basanti's Story
ReSurge’s patients and their families are brave. They are strong. They are fighters. Some take a bus...
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eLearning Center Spotlight
ReSurge International was one of the first organizations of our kind to swiftly transition into virtual...
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Do You See What I See? Augmented Reality in the OR
ReSurge International is proud to partner with Ohana One International Surgical Aid, a global surgical...
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Dr. Tinga Nyoni: A Pioneering Woman Surgeon Achieves Highest Board Scores in the Region
The COVID-19 pandemic hit the global surgery sector hard. All international travel was canceled and elective...
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Pride Is Not a Factor: Dr. Swain on Being a Resurge Humanitarian and Partner
For over six years, Dr. Bharatendu Swain has been a ReSurge International Surgical Outreach Partner....
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