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Our Work & Why It Matters

At ReSurge, individual patient care and safety are at the core of what we do. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re working to scale our mission by focusing on the long-term sustainability and impact of our programs. To actualize this vision, we focus on building reconstructive surgical capacity where it’s needed most and training local surgeons to heal those around them.

Training one surgeon creates a substantial ripple effect that can change the world. Just one surgeon can treat 10,000 patients in their career and if they become a trainer themselves, they have the potential to transform over 400,000 lives over their lifetime. This is the multiplier effect in action!

Training & Capacity Building

Our training programs give local surgeons the skills and confidence to create a long-term impact. These training programs are also incredibly cost-effective and were found to have a 22-fold return on investment in a Stanford University study.

Direct Patient Care

Working with local Surgical Partners helps us locate and provide free care to those who will benefit most from treatment. ReSurge Surgical Partners treat 90% of all ReSurge patients and create a direct connection to those most in need of surgical care.

Advocacy & Equity

We partner and engage with surgical teams, governments, and multilateral organizations to prioritize global surgery and bridge equity gaps. Additionally, we strive to overcome concerns like gender inequality through our Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery program.

Where We Work

We support surgical teams in over 19 countries across Latin America, Africa, and Asia. The partnerships we create in these low-income countries change the lives of those who need reconstructive surgical care and impact their surrounding communities for the better.

Your Support Makes Our Mission Possible

Our mission has the potential to touch the lives of those in need of surgical treatment worldwide and grow sustainable systems for local surgical teams in low-income countries. However, we cannot make an impact without your support. Donate today to create a ripple effect that changes the world through life-changing, no-cost reconstructive surgeries.

Jacob Youssef Samuel - Burn Survivor

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