Direct Patient Care

The most effective way to transform lives in low-income countries is through consistent, year-round support. Our financial support and training of certified local Surgical Outreach Partners ensure they can provide free reconstructive surgical care to the most vulnerable in their communities. This essential service provides necessary care for thousands of patients yearly.

Here is how the program works:

First, ReSurge finds promising surgeons from low-income countries passionate about humanitarian work.

Then our global network of top medical volunteers trains the entire surgical team in the latest techniques with a combination of virtual and hands-on learning. 

Once a local surgeon is trained, and their hospital is qualified, the surgeon can go on to become a ReSurge Surgical Outreach Partner and will treat an average of 9,000 patients. 

ReSurge directly funds these partners so they can provide 100% free care to patients.

When the Surgical Outreach Partner becomes a trainer themselves, the cycle repeats itself, creating a ripple effect of impact for generations. 

See the Impact of our Surgical Outreach Partners in Nepal

Dr. Shafquat Khundkar

Dr. Shafquat Khundkar

Medi Aid Hospital
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dr. Shankhar Rai

Dr. Shankar Rai

Kirtipur Hospital + Outreach Sites
Kathmandu, Nepal

Dr. Tinga Nyoni

Dr. Tinga Nyoni

University of Zimbabwe Hospital
Harare, Zimbabwe

Dr. Vinita Puri

KEM Hospital
Mumbai, India

Impact in Action

Meet some of our Surgical Outreach Partners and learn how they impact their communities through direct surgical care.

We are grateful for our opportunity to touch the lives of those needing surgical treatment worldwide and grow sustainable systems for local surgical teams in low-income countries. However, we cannot make an impact without your support. Donate today to create a ripple effect that changes the world through life-changing, no-cost reconstructive surgeries.