Fifty Years of Experience


In the 1960s, plastic surgery was still evolving. One man, Dr. Donald Laub of Stanford University, pioneered the idea that reconstructive plastic surgery could renew lives by restoring function and appearance to patients suffering from injuries or congenital conditions. With that vision, Interplast (now ReSurge International) was born in 1969. It was the first organization of its kind.


Thousands of volunteers traveled overseas to help children. By 1979, ReSurge had provided approximately 4,000 surgeries. Medical volunteers transformed lives by dedicating their time to ReSurge, providing surgeries and training local doctors so that they could perform the surgeries on their own.


As the developing world changed with the Internet and better infrastructure, ReSurge forged a bold new course. In 1999, we established the first permanent Surgical Outreach Program, where local surgeons provide year-round care. By building surgical capacity and supporting local surgeons, twice as many patients are now receiving care annually.


Now more than 90 percent of our surgeries are performed by developing world surgeons with ReSurge oversight, training and support; it is our most efficient and cost-effective way to provide life-changing surgery. ReSurge also continually improves the quality of health care through education programs. Together with your help, we’ve provided more than 110,000 surgeries and look forward to pioneering the way for generations to come