Without Surgery, School Was Not Within His Reach | Nguyen

Four-year-old Nguyen was born with three of his fingers fused on each hand, a congenital birth defect that—left uncorrected—will hinder his schooling as well as his ability to make a living when he’s grown.

In the developing world, the ability to use one’s hands is crucial—the vast majority of the poor use their hands for manual labor. Through team trip surgeries like this one to help Nguyen, thousands of people have had their hand function restored. It is among the most important free surgeries that we offer in the developing world.

Thanks to ReSurge, he’s had the first of four surgeries that will restore full use of his hands, and allow him to be a fully functioning member of society. His parents could not afford the surgery, so they were very thankful to the doctors.

Nguyen also is lucky to live not too far from Cao Lanh, Vietnam, an area that ReSurge visits regularly—so he should be able to receive the surgical restoration he needs to renew his family’s hope that he will be able to go to school and have a happy normal life.