Surgical mission trips


ReSurge began sending volunteer surgical mission trips to low-income countries in 1969, one of the first organizations to do so.


Our surgical mission trips fulfill several important needs for our organization and the countries we serve. First, these trips enable us to work alongside host country reconstructive plastic surgeons and identify promising candidates and sites for ongoing local partnerships. Our mission trips also gather information to inform the subject matter of future visiting educator workshops. Additionally, staff on these trips model and teach the “surgical team” concept which we believe leads to improvements in standards of patient care. Finally, these trips continue to have a critical role in providing surgeries in locations where the caseload is overwhelming.

Our team trips provide full-scope reconstructive plastic surgery, including burn contracture release and reconstruction, cleft lip and palate repair, and correction of other congenital conditions and physical injuries. The surgical teams include volunteer plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, operating room and recovery room nurses, as well as coordinator/translators who provide general patient, family and team support. Some teams also include nurse educators, hand therapists and occupational therapists, depending on local needs.


Surgical teams generally include 10 to 15 members; our teams are small so as not to overwhelm our host country colleagues and local medical facilities. Trips generally last two weeks.