Our Founder - Don Laub

Our Founder, Dr. Donald Laub  In 1969, a group of volunteers from the Bay Area’s Latin American Mission Program (LAMP) requested help from Stanford University Hospital for a 13-year-old boy Mexican boy named Antonio. Antonio has a severe cleft lip and palate. He was bei …

Razia, Rohingya Refugee

Earlier this month, a ReSurge surgical mission trip visited Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, where we treated Razia, a Rohingya refugee from Myanmar. The Rohingya are an ethnic minority with their own language and culture. Myanmar, a predominantly Buddhist country, denies citizenship to the Muslim Rohingya …

Volunteer Spotlight: Deb Rusy M.D

How did you hear about ReSurge and get involved? One of the University of Wisconsin pediatric neurosurgeons I often worked with, asked me to join him on a volunteer neurosurgical mission trip at the Cure Hospital in Mbale, Uganda. A colleague of mine, and ReSurge volunteer, Les Proctor MD, suggested …