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Aastha's Story
In rural Nepal, a remarkable young girl named Aastha has captured hearts with her unwavering spirit and...
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One Year Later: The 2022-23 Matolase Mtonga Scholars
Read the inspiring journey of the Matolase Mtonga Memorial Scholarship recipients in reconstructive surgery...
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Bridging the Global Reconstructive Surgery Gap
*This post originally appeared on the Global Health Council’s blog. The Global Health Council,...
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Anything for Their Baby: Itzel's Story
David and Dayana are a young couple from a rural Bolivian town who went against all odds to save their...
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A before and after photo showcasing Tam, a man who had been waiting 58 years for his cleft lip repair.
A Smile 58 Years in the Making | Tam
On a surgical team trip to Quy Nhon, Vietnam, we met Tam, a man who has been waiting 58 years to have...
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Mary, a mother, watches over her son Mateo as he recovers in the hospital bed.
A Mother's Hope For Her Son
Mateo was one of nearly 17,000 people who receive a severe burn every year in Zambia, a country with...
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A before and after photo showing the transformation of Y Dim, a child whose cleft lip has been repaired.
A Mother's Dedication | Y Dim
Y Dim, now 2 years old, was born in the rural mountains of Vietnam with a cleft lip. After she was born,...
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Photo of Man Kumari, a Nepalese woman disabled by burn injuries, with villagers in the background
A Glimpse into Man Kumari's life
Outside Bharatapur, a southern crossroads town where Nepal’s east and west meet on the nation’s main...
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A ReSurge volunteer holding Thi Ngol Quyen, a 3-month-old baby after cleft lip surgery.
A Family Renewed | Thi
The ReSurge team fell in love with 3-month-old Thi Ngol Quyen during a trip to Vietnam in April 2013....
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Young girl Quynh happily resting in a bed with a cast on her hand.
A Contracture Released, A Life Renewed | Quynh
Like more than 2 billion people worldwide, Quynh’s family in Vietnam does their cooking over open fires....
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Dr. Shankar Rai advising Kalus, a young boy, on the importance of studying hard in school as Kalus writes.
A Bright Future | Kalus
Kalus is an 8-year-old boy from a small village between Pokhara and Kathmandu in Nepal, who could not...
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A comparison photo showing Jacob's arm before and after suffering severe burns on his arms.
Jacob's Arms are Freed
Meet Jacob, a resilient 5-year-old who overcame severe burn injuries with reconstructive surgery. His...
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Ganesh, a child who was born with a cleft, confidently poses for a photo.
12 Years After Cleft Lip Surgery
Ganesh is 14 years old. Despite living in a small rural village of Nepal, he dreams of becoming a doctor....
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Meet Jonas from Tanzania
Discover the inspiring journey of Jonas, a 5-year-old from Tanzania, who overcame a severe burn accident...
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Hands & Father's Hope
When Favour was 3 years old, he was at home alone with his 12-year-old cousin who was looking after him....
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Regaining the Ability to Walk | Mohammed Hussein
Mohammed Hussein's life transformed after a devastating accident. Read his inspiring story of overcoming...
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