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PWRS NYC 2022-64 (1)
Introducing the Third PWRS Cohort
Introducing our 3rd cohort of women reconstructive surgeons! Six talented women from around the world...
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Dr. Rose Alenyo - Kiruddu National Hospital Kampala, Uganda
Dr. Rose Alenyo: Surgical Outreach Partner in Uganda
At ReSurge, we transform lives in low-income countries by training, funding, and empowering local reconstructive...
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Dr. Kush Aeron - Helping Hands Guayaquil, India
Dr. Kush Aeron: Surgical Outreach Partner in Dehradun, India
At ReSurge, we know that one of most effective way to transform lives in low-income countries is through...
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Sushan's Story: Burn Awareness
Young Sushan from Nepal was only 18-months-old when the unthinkable happened. He was walking with his...
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Dr. Shankar Rai advising Kalus, a young boy, on the importance of studying hard in school as Kalus writes.
A Bright Future | Kalus
Kalus is an 8-year-old boy from a small village between Pokhara and Kathmandu in Nepal, who could not...
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A comparison photo showing Jacob's arm before and after suffering severe burns on his arms.
Jacob's Arms are Freed
Meet Jacob, a resilient 5-year-old who overcame severe burn injuries with reconstructive surgery. His...
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Ganesh, a child who was born with a cleft, confidently poses for a photo.
12 Years After Cleft Lip Surgery
Ganesh is 14 years old. Despite living in a small rural village of Nepal, he dreams of becoming a doctor....
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Meet Jonas from Tanzania
Discover the inspiring journey of Jonas, a 5-year-old from Tanzania, who overcame a severe burn accident...
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Hands & Father's Hope
When Favour was 3 years old, he was at home alone with his 12-year-old cousin who was looking after him....
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Regaining the Ability to Walk | Mohammed Hussein
Mohammed Hussein's life transformed after a devastating accident. Read his inspiring story of overcoming...
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Jacob Youssef Samuel - Burn Survivor

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