Standing in Solidarity with India and Nepal

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The current situation and devastation caused by the novel coronavirus in India is unprecedented and beyond heartbreaking. India is in the midst of a great humanitarian and healthcare emergency, and cases in neighboring Nepal are also surging at an equally alarming rate.

At ReSurge International, we have deep personal and professional ties in South Asia. We have worked in Nepal, one of our oldest and largest outreach programs, for over 30 years. In India, we have treated over 3,000 patients through decades of programs and partnerships across seven cities. Many of our volunteers and supporters have traveled with us to India and Nepal over the years and experienced this work and our incredibly talented local partners firsthand.

Our roots run deep in this part of the world, and so do our hearts. So many of our dearest ReSurge International colleagues and partners are living, working, and dealing with this current crisis situation in India and Nepal. On behalf of all of us at ReSurge, we send you our love, support, and deepest condolences.

The most vulnerable around the world are the ones that bear the greatest burden, especially in times of instability and crisis. This is what motivates us to do the work that we do in global reconstructive surgery, and we are proud of all the work that our staff, partners, and colleagues are doing globally to both, directly and indirectly, provide life-changing care for those in need.

Our hearts are with you during this time of suffering and loss.

In Solidarity,

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