Nepal’s Speech Therapy Camps

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At ReSurge, we want our patients to thrive post-surgery. We have a holistic approach to surgical care and directly fund Surgical Outreach Partners who are best suited to provide this level of year-round care for their own communities. Speech Therapy Camps in Nepal are one great example of this model in action.

In this video, you’ll meet Padam Thupa, a 14-year boy who was born with a cleft lip and palate in rural Nepal. As a child, he faced many challenges, from his father leaving to bullying at school and problems speaking.

Padam was born into extreme circumstances. He had a congenital condition and a family with limited resources in rural Nepal. But Padam was also born with a big heart and a sharp mind. He also found a network of ReSurge helpers who didn’t stop at surgery.

ReSurge’s Speech Therapy Camps provided a safe space for Padam to get speech therapy, build a community, access dental care, and gain confidence in himself. Now, Padam is a mentor to other young children and has big dreams for the future.

Our ReSurge team in Nepal organizes six camps per year in rural areas across the country for cleft-operated children and their families. These camps include free food, lodging, transportation, individual and group speech therapy, parental counseling, and dental/orthodontic care. And most importantly, a safe place for children to thrive.

Want to help?

$14 a month, or a one-time gift of $168, is enough to pay for one child’s entire week at speech therapy camp. That includes free food, lodging, transportation, individual and group speech therapy, parental counseling, plus dental and orthodontic care. Most importantly, they are a safe place for children to find their voices and thrive. Sponsor a child at Speech Camp.

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