Magali: Paying it forward

Magali’s original accident took place when she was two years old. Her mother was preparing caramelo (cooked sugar) and placed the bowl outside in the yard. Shortly after, Magali’s mother heard her screaming. Magali had placed her hand in the bowl, severely burning her hand.

At the time of her accident, Magali received surgery at the local hospital in Bolivia, but three years later, she further injured the hand when playing and falling on it. Doctors told her that she would require another surgery, but she was unable to receive it because of her family’s financial situation.

ReSurge International was finally able to help Magali recover from that injury by providing surgery as part of our free clinic in May 2013. She is now in her fifth year at Oruro Technical University studying medicine.

Because of her background, she wants to go into the medical field to help other poor women. She hopes to be able to treat her patients as well as she was treated by ReSurge.