Life-Changing Microsurgery in Nepal

In mid-July, ReSurge sent visiting educators Dr. Gordon Lee and Dr. Matthew Chetta to train local residents and faculty in Nepal on microsurgery. Microsurgery uses special operating microscopes and instruments to perform operations. With microsurgery, it’s possible to transplant or replant not just skin (as with a skin graft) but composite tissue, including blood vessels and nerves. Surgeons therefore have more freedom to reconstruct for patients who have been impaired by traumatic injuries or congenital conditions. While in Nepal, ReSurge educators delivered a specialized curriculum created by distinguished faculty members, as well as hands-on training in the lab.

In addition to lab training, ReSurge and local Nepalese surgeons worked side-by-side to treat two patients. In one of the cases, ReSurge and local trainees were able to save the leg of Bishal, an 8-year old boy who had been injured in an automobile accident.

When recalling the trip, Dr. Matthew Chetta said,

“Overall, it was an amazing week with a great group in Nepal. I’m very impressed with the work they’re doing and their dedication to their people! Our first several days were spent in didactics in the morning with skills lab in the afternoon. After that, I did the microsurgery with one of the chief residents and he was much more confident and precise in his microsurgery technique than he was on the first day. They’re saying they feel much more comfortable and confident with microsurgery, so overall, I think our trip has been very successful!”

By training local surgeons in microsurgery, ReSurge is elevating the level of treatment available in developing countries. ReSurge is proud to continue and expand trips like this.