Kathmandu Leadership Training

Last month, we packed our bags and headed to Kathmandu for a week of leadership training for the employees of ReSurge Nepal and their work site, Kirtipur Hospital. The objective of the training was to empower each employee to take leadership, no matter what his or her role. Anna Maria Casas, executive leadership coach to L’Oreal and other organizations including Intel, Daimler and UBS, led the sessions, along with her colleague, Marsha Hughes-Reese.

The program was conceived by ReSurge Nepal surgeons Dr. Pramila Shakya and Dr. Shilu Shrestha, who received similar leadership as part of the Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery (PWRS) program supported by ReSurge and SkinCeuticals. Drs. Shakya and Shrestha felt the training was so valuable, they wanted everyone from ReSurge Nepal to benefit from it and reached out to ReSurge, SkinCeuticals and Anna Maria Casas of Perspectives Work to make it happen.

Toward the end of the three-day session, each participant “painted their vision”, creating a painting of where they hope to be as a leader in three years. In small groups, the trainees explained their vision and set goals for how to achieve it.

Going forward, the trainees will provide peer coaching for each other and receive a follow-up video coaching session from Anna-Maria and Marsha.

The reaction to the training was overwhelmingly positive, as expressed by Dr. Shankar Rai, “The training was so successful that everybody in our organization as well as many from universities as well as from political areas are requesting similar training. This could bring a big social change in Nepal. We thought the training not only helps us to become a better leader but also a better human being. Thank you very much for this great gift.”