Dr. Seif Nuru: ReSurge’s First Annual Scholar

Dr. Seif Nuru is a general surgeon from Tanzania, studying in Uganda, and ReSurge’s first Annual Reconstructive Surgery Scholarship recipient.

This full scholarship allows one promising young surgeon to spend one year at a ReSurge training hub in Africa to learn reconstructive surgery and then return to his or her home country to treat local patients.

Dr. Seif Nuru is from a rural area in Tanzania, a country of 58 million people, and only one certified reconstructive surgeon, who graduated as recently as December 2020.

With such a scarcity of reconstructive surgeons, Dr. Nuru, a general surgeon, became passionate about reconstructive surgery after working with a number of ReSurge visiting surgical volunteers during our trips to his country, and because of the large burden of burn cases he receives due to open fire cooking in the rural setting where he works.

To further the career of this promising reconstructive surgeon, we provided him with our first annual scholarship award to study for one year with surgical experts at Mulago Hospital in Uganda. This scholarship was made possible by a generous ReSurge volunteer who saw the value of such a program.

“I have no words to express my feelings, but I am so very happy I feel like crying. I know how lucky I am. I never Imagined that people thousands of kilometers away can see my potential and look for ways to help me. I come from a poor family, I am the first to get a degree, the first to travel out of our village and first to travel out of Tanzania.”

– Dr. Seif Nuru

Dr. Nuru will be our special guest speaker at the 2022 ReSurge Transformations Gala on April 23rdReserve your tickets here!