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Every 23 minutes, someone in Zambia is severely burned. Burns can:

  • Leave debilitating injuries that cause people to be unable to work
  • Require care from family members that stop adults from working or kids from going to school
  • Unravel communities that do not have the resources to treat survivors

Transform Lives Today – Sponsor a Surgery

Immediate Action Needed – Lives Are at Stake

Every day, countless individuals worldwide suffer severe burns, leading to critical health issues, lifelong scars, and debilitating pain.

Many of these survivors lack the financial means to afford the necessary medical procedures.

Without urgent help, they face not just physical agony but also social exclusion and psychological trauma.

The Time Is Now – Here’s How Urgent the Need Is

1. Every Minute Counts

Burn injuries require specialized care to prevent life-threatening complications and treat disabilities. Your contribution today could mean the difference between a full life and permanent disability and suffering.

2. An Ever-Growing Waiting List

The demand for burn surgeries is immense, and the list of those waiting for operations grows longer every day. Your sponsorship could take someone off that waiting list and put them on the path to recovery.

3. The Impact of Delayed Action

The longer a survivor has to wait for surgery, the higher the risk of severe complications and the longer their road to recovery. Your timely donation can help prevent this.

Don’t Wait – Sponsor a Burn Surgery Today

Remember, your contribution is more than just financial support; it’s a beacon of hope for someone in desperate need. Sponsor a burn surgery today and make an immediate, life-changing difference. Together, we can transform lives.

Join Our Life Saver Circle

By sponsoring a burn surgery, you become part of our Life Saver Circle, a dedicated group of compassionate individuals committed to making tangible, urgent change. You’ll receive updates on the impact of your sponsorship and have the opportunity to continue supporting our mission in meaningful ways.

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How You Can Donate

Making a donation is simple, safe, and secure. Choose from one of the following options:

  1. One-Time Donation: Support our cause with a single, impactful contribution.
  2. Monthly Donation: Become a consistent pillar of support by setting up a monthly donation.
  3. Sponsor a Project: Pick a specific initiative and fund its realization.
    Become a ReSurge Fundraiser: Get your own fundraising page & URL, share it with your friends & family


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