Board Spotlight: Meredith Taylor

USA Headquarters
December 18, 2020
A ReSurge Board Member since 2015, Meredith Taylor was recently named Chair of our Board of Directors.  We are excited to introduce you to Meredith!

How did you hear about ReSurge and get involved? 
My first introduction to ReSurge was at the annual Gala in 2014.  I was deeply moved by the patient stories and by the commitment of the doctors, nurses and staff that made their life-changing surgeries possible.  I was honored to be asked to join the Board in 2015.  In 2017, I became Vice Chair of the Board and in 2020 became the Chair.

As Chair, what are some of the future goals the Board has for the organization?
The staff and board of ReSurge have very aggressive strategic goals.  We are targeting, by 2030, to double the number of patients that were served in the first 50 years.  A doubling in 10 years is very ambitious.  Our role as a Board is to support this goal strategically and through our fundraising.  It is also our goal that each Board Member serves as an ambassador for Resurge and spread the message to others about why ReSurge’s mission should be supported.

How would you describe ReSurge to someone unfamiliar with the organization?
The one word that I would use to describe ReSurge is life-changing.  This is why I am involved and why I support ReSurge.  I know that our donations change the lives of so many people around the globe: patients who would otherwise lack access to surgery, doctors who receive training in reconstructive surgery, Surgical Outreach Partners with whom we collaborate and who receive our support, and volunteers who help fulfill the mission.

Have you ever traveled with ReSurge?
I have been fortunate to travel with ReSurge to Vietnam, Nepal, and India to see first-hand the impact of our volunteers and our Surgical Outreach Partners upon patients and their families.  There is nothing more rewarding than to see the smile of a child who is on a path to gain the use of a hand or arm or leg.

Outside of your service with ReSurge and your professional duties, what are your interests and hobbies?
My husband and I enjoy international travel.  Many of our trips are to remote scuba diving locations.  However, we also love visiting archaeological sites and museums around the world and, at the end of the day, seeking out iconic local restaurants.

What’s something that might surprise people about you?
In terms of unique experiences, I opened the Nasdaq market one day in 2005.  I was prepared that the opening would be broadcast on news and financial channels.  However, I was not prepared to see the broadcast image played and replayed on the LED screen on the Nasdaq tower in Times Square.  It is rather startling to see yourself 80 feet tall.  I also got to go back stage and meet the Rolling Stones during their Voodoo Lounge Tour.  These are certainly not the experiences that have had the most impact upon me.  Yet, they may be the strangest!

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