Andrea: From Patient to Nurse

Jacqueline’s 28-year-old daughter, Andrea, is her pride and joy. When Andrea was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, Jacqueline stood firm by her daughter, often against society’s stares and whispers. Jacqueline and Andrea live in Loja, Ecuador, a small town in the Andes. Back in 1985, getting Andrea help seemed almost impossible. However, Jacqueline’s motherly determination and incessant inquires ultimately led to Andrea becoming ReSurge’s first patient in Loja, Ecuador.

After a number of surgeries, Andrea’s cleft lip and palate were repaired and she entered nursing school. She hopes to help her patients the way she was helped. Jacqueline has always given Andrea the type of unconditional love and support that have been crucial in getting Andrea through numerous surgeries. Because of her mother’s support, Andrea exudes confidence and goes through life with her head held high.

ReSurge International has sent thousands of medical volunteers to provide free surgeries and to offer advanced medical training for more than 25 years. Working with and through Dr. Jorge Palacios, our surgical outreach director based in Guayaquil, we have been able to significantly improve medical access throughout Ecuador.