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A Productive Life: Jackson’s Story

Meet Jackson. This exuberant boy took a ten-hour bus ride with his mother to our clinic in Tanzania. Jackson had a hairy nevus, a congenital condition that caused raised black bumps to grow on his skin. Whenever he fell or was just nudged, the nevus would break open and start weeping, creating more bumps. Even worse? There was an extremely high likelihood it would lead to cancer.

Accidents, burns, and congenital problems like Jackson’s can keep people from leading a productive life, creating an enormous burden on their families and wider communities. However, reconstructive plastic surgery can transform lives in just a few hours. In fact, the World Bank has found that surgical procedures are among the most cost-effective health interventions in the developing world.

Our surgeons removed the entire nevus from Jackson’s face and replaced it with a skin graft. Jackson high-fived the medical team, and his mother was overwhelmed with relief: “I have been worried about Jackson since he was born. ReSurge has given me hope that he will finally be treated forever.”