Pioneering Women in Nepal

As members of the second cohort of the Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery (PWRS) program, we recently traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal, to attend an extensive and informative surgical training organized by ReSurge and SkinCeuticals.

For those unfamiliar with the program, PWRS was created by ReSurge and SkinCeuticals to provide technical training, leadership development, and mentor support to female reconstructive surgeons in underserved nations.

Our class is proud to follow the first group of PWRS participants. Last year’s class was comprised of amazing women from all over the globe that are now inspiring us to do our best and feel empowered. Our class is very happy to have the opportunity to learn from them and for us to grow together in our knowledge of reconstructive surgery.

The trip to Nepal was very informative. It was interesting to see the workings of a different burn unit and learn about their unique challenges and how they find ways to overcome them. A number of practical issues were quite relatable.

There were daily presentations by both local surgeons and the ReSurge visiting educators. The team provided daily lectures that showcased insights and ways of adapting new ideas to the local settings, which will prove very beneficial when we go back to our countries. Unfortunately, not all the lessons could be put into practical use immediately, such as the hands-on learning, but that experience will come within the program.

The burn ICU daily rounds became a crucial learning environment for all involved in the care of critically ill burn patients. Daily ICU rounds and burn theatre were quite involving.

The burn theatre provided an opportunity to take part and learn the principles of hand surgery with practical application, some maxillofacial surgical procedures including rhinoplasty, as well as cleft reconstructions, and the basics of microsurgery.

The Hospital staff was welcoming and took us under their wing without hesitation. Overall, the visit was pleasant and educational. Kathmandu itself embodies a rich ambience of deep-rooted culture and incorporates the new into the old in a very interesting way.

– Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery-2nd Cohort.