Country Population: More than 28 million

Poverty: More than 68% live below the poverty line

Surgical workforce: .56 per 100,000 people

Poverty risk from surgery: 80.5%

Plastic Surgeons: 0.01 plastic surgeons per 100,000 people


In the OR, we experienced only the most difficult cases, saved for us because of their complexity and unclear solutions.

Dr. Gary Fudem

ReSurge Visiting Educator

Mozambique won independence from Portugal in 1975, and shortly thereafter plunged into a 16-year civil war that had dramatic negative effect on the country’s health systems, as physicians fled the country to escape the violence.

Though the government and international development agencies have invested in health care since the end of the civil war, and much progress has been made, Mozambique continues to suffer from a serious shortage of physicians. With over 65% of the population in rural areas, access to care is out of reach for most ordinary Mozambicans. There are just two registered plastic surgeons to treat the country’s population of more than 28 million.

ReSurge in Mozambique 


Since we began working in Mozambique in 2015, ReSurge has focused its efforts on sustainable development by providing hands on advanced skills training to local surgeons, nurses and physical therapists—training they would otherwise have to travel outside the country to receive. ReSurge Visiting Educators, who have been selected for their expertise in both teaching and treatment, make several trips per year to Maputo, the capital. There, they mentor and work with local medical professionals on their most challenging cases.