Country Population: About 18 million Surgical workforce: 1.05 per 100,000 people Poverty risk from surgery: 77.7% Poverty: Over 49% live below the poverty line Plastic Surgeons: 0

The situation in Mali has not changed. There are more and more poor people due to the instability in the north. I am excited to be able to engage with this issue and help the people who need my help most.
Dr. Oumar Coulibaly

ReSurge in Mali

To address this critical need, ReSurge is working to train local healthcare workers in specialized surgical skills. ReSurge International began sending teams to Bamako, Mali, in 2008 to restore function and hope to those with disabling burns, clefts and other conditions repairable through reconstructive surgery. There, they met Dr. Omar Coulibaly and were impressed with his surgical skill and commitment to helping those in need. With the help of generous donors, ReSurge funded Dr. Coulibaly’s pediatric surgery residence in Côte d’Ivoire and in 2016-17 offered him a six-month fellowship in reconstructive plastic surgery at our regional training center in Kathmandu, Nepal. With his dedication to serving his community and expertise in pediatric surgical care, Dr. Coulibaly is an invaluable ReSurge partner, treating his country’s large population of children be able living with disabling conditions caused by violence, accidental injury or congenital issues.

Helping Oumar Be Mali's First Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon