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Tonmoy, a boy from Dhaka, was unable to raise his arms because of burns he received as a small boy. A few years ago, ReSurge surgeons restored his functionality. Now, he is back to living the life of "a normal boy", as he puts it.
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Severe burns remain a silent but solvable health crisis in developing countries, particularly among poor children and women who use open flames for cooking and lighting. Join the growing movement advocating for those whose voices are not heard.

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We need your help to spread the word about the global crisis of burns! As a tool to raise awareness, we have created a suite of informative infographics on burn injuries and disabilities. Please download and share these infographics with your friends and family on social media today.

ReThink Burns: College Edition

ReThink Burns: College Edition is a program designed to engage college students all over the world in spreading awareness about the global health crisis of burns.

Inspire your campus! Be our Campus Ambassador and connect with faculty, media professionals and students at universities worldwide. Educate your community about burns and help transform the lives of thousands through ReThink Your Campus.

Click here for more information on the college edition program.

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I believe no one should suffer a disabling burn just because they are poor. I care about poor women and children and stand with them in an effort to reduce burn injuries and save lives. I will ReThink Burns, because solutions exist.

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Review: See Our Results So Far

The ReThink Burns campaign launched in February 2013. See what we've accomplished so far, and let us low how, with your help, we can inspire thousands more! Read more.

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We are engaging students on college campuses all over the world in spreading awareness about the neglected global health crisis of burns.