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Loel Barnes, a grandmother in Maryland, has donated every month for 22 years. “I have a gigantic family with 10 children, 28 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. They are all healthy and none have suffered any terrible problems,” said Barnes. “I am fortunate and think it is important to share with those less fortunate.”
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The Healer’s Network

The Healer’s Network is a group of people dedicated to making monthly gifts to provide access to care to those who need it the most. As a member of the Healer’s Network, you can choose the giving level at which you are most comfortable and know that you are empowering our partners around the world to reach more patients in underserved communities.

To join the Healer’s Network, go to our donation page, choose the level you would like and choose “Monthly” as your giving frequency. It’s that easy to fund the amazing opportunities described below.

  • Just $25 a month is enough to support a cleft lip or palate surgery that gives a child the chance to have a normal life.
  • $65 a month is sufficient to fund a child’s surgery for a disabling burn injury plus provide training for developing world medical professionals through a ReSurge surgical team trip.
  • Hands are easily injured in the developing world; yet, they are critical for working, eating and writing. $130 a month can finance two hand surgeries and literally improve children’s lives forever.

Join the Healer’s Network and with a monthly donation—large or small—you can help ReSurge continue its mission to transform lives in developing countries for generations to come.

Note: funding examples represent the annual cost of activities.

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ReSurge envisions a world where all people have access to life-changing reconstructive surgical care that is safe, timely and affordable.