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Volunteers: Giving Time to Transform Lives

Incredible volunteers make our work possible. These individuals give up two weeks of their lives, travel around the world, work under exhausting circumstances and give up pay, vacation time and comfort to help transform lives.

Our medical volunteers don’t just hail from the United States. Many of our teams include our international partners from other countries. Regional collaboration and partnerships are important aspects of how we work. Their expertise in similar developing world environments, in addition to their extensive skills, makes them invaluable advisors and helps build relationships with local medical professionals.

Together, they operate on 3,000 patients a year and dramatically change lives. Just as importantly, they teach through hands-on training and medical exchange on team trips and through visiting educator workshops. The goal is to build the local capacity for a full complement of reconstructive surgery and integrated care. Many of our strongest year-round Surgical Outreach Programs—like those in Nepal and Bangladesh—began by building relationships and educational opportunities with our volunteers.

Volunteers are integral to our objective of creating long-term, sustainable medical care around the world. Their sacrifices have long-lasting results and we are thankful.

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