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Building a Legacy for Future ReSurge Patients

Sandra Pazanin was a certified financial planner (CFP) for 30 years, advising clients about their finances and estate planning. “Everyone with some money should consider charity in their estate planning,” said Pazanin. “I always advised my clients to do so because it made financial sense.”

When Pazanin made her own plans, she knew that she wanted to devote her funds to charity, too. “It was the logical and right choice for me, as none of my close family members really needed the money. Planned giving also ensured that fewer of my estate dollars went to taxes, and more went to organizations that really were making a difference.”

We asked Pazanin why she chose Interplast (now ReSurge International). She told us that one of her financial clients introduced her to the organization many years ago. Dr. Donald Laub, ReSurge founder and plastic surgeon, also treated her third degree burns 18 years ago. “Hearing the stories of ReSurge burn patients always tugs on my heart—those poor people who cannot move their neck or use their fingers because of their disabling burns,” Pazanin said.

“It was hard to endure what I did, but I just could not imagine what they have to go through, without any resources. I was happy to support ReSurge in its work helping burn victims.”

Pazanin also said she liked our cost-efficient model of teaching and supporting developing world surgeons to perform life-changing surgeries for children with cleft lips and palates—year-round and in their own communities.

ReSurge is deeply grateful to Sandra Pazanin for her commitment to help transform the lives of those who desperately need reconstructive plastic surgery. Her legacy will ensure that ReSurge continues to serve children with disabling burns, clefts and hand injuries for years to come.

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