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Before surgery, Ush's foot was fused to her shin due to a burn she received when she was a toddler. After surgery and physical therapy at the ReSurge center in Nepal, she can now walk.
Physical Therapy

Occupational and physical therapy following hand and burn surgery is critical for maximizing the patient’s range of motion. ReSurge recognizes the importance of physical therapy and its integral role in the post-operative healing process.

For many years, hand therapists have been important members of select team trips and have conducted training workshops for local medical personnel. In Nepal, Nicaragua and at our Surgical Outreach Programs around the world, such therapists play a leading role in helping to restore function after surgery.

ReSurge is working to ensure that physical therapy becomes an integral part of the care following all surgeries for disabling burns so that our surgeries can have the highest and most transformative impact possible.

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