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Giving Monthly for More than 20 Years

Seeing information about ReSurge, her "heart went out to the children" and she sent her first donation.

"From the beginning, I had great affection and sorrow for those children and their families," said Barnes, now 75. "I was touched, and continue to be touched, by ReSurge's work."

"I have a gigantic family with 10 children, 28 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. They are all healthy and none have suffered any terrible problems," said Barnes, who lives in Maryland. "I am fortunate and think it is important to share with those less fortunate."

And that is what Loel Barnes has done for more than 20 years. Almost every month, ReSurge has received a check from Barnes. Most of the time, those checks are accompanied by a very kind note—not only thanking us for the work ReSurge does, but also asking us how we are doing, hoping we are okay after a storm she read about and sometimes even sending us a family photo. We cherish her notes.

When asked why she donates monthly, Barnes explained that she liked setting aside a little each month to help; it helps her to budget, prioritize and share consistently. She also appreciates the thank you notes she receives. "They make me feel like I am close to everyone and really part of the ReSurge community," said Barnes.

Loel Barnes is part of our community and our hearts. We are grateful for her tremendous generosity, which helps to transform lives every month.

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