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Kayaking for a Cause

Supporters Katey and Doug kayaked an amazing 1,300 miles from their home in Washington state to Alaska to raise money for ReSurge. Doug wrote about why they chose ReSurge. We share a portion of it with you below, and encourage you to check out their blog to learn more about their journey:

"We chose Interplast (now ReSurge International) because we love that they help people who are not helped by the larger programs, and what they do has a lasting impact on a person's life.

By providing free reconstructive surgeries, and helping to train doctors to provide the same types of services, they give someone who is often overlooked the chance to live a productive life. Children in poor countries born with deformities like cleft palates or lips may not be able to go to school simply because they look or speak differently.

And burn victims and accident victims live in pain because they have no access to surgeries that would give them back freedom of movement. By providing corrective surgeries, ReSurge does much more than what we might think of when we hear 'plastic surgery.'

In a poor country, with limited healthcare, a deformity or injury may keep someone from being able to support themselves or their family, or being accepted in their community.

Many times, the costs of these surgeries is small, but the impact is always big. Even a small donation can go a long ways towards helping someone."

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