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Teaching Orthodontics Overseas

Since 1987, Dr. Haskell Gruber, retired professor and orthodontist, has volunteered his time with ReSurge as a visiting educator, evaluating patients and educating local medical and dental professionals about the importance of orthodontic care for children with clefts.

Gruber has traveled nearly two dozen times for ReSurge, delivering orthodontic care to children in Honduras, Ecuador, Chile and Vietnam, and providing all-important hands-on training to developing world dentists and orthodontists.

"Everyone wants to help and this is how I give back," said Gruber. "If you get, you need to give."

As a member of the U.S. Air Force for 30 years, one of Gruber's early assignments was to Wilford Hall Medical Center's large craniofacial and cleft lip and palate center. There, he began treating military children who were born with cleft lips or palates. Working with plastic surgeons and speech therapists, he often traveled to other countries to provide care to military dependents—always making sure to include teaching opportunities for local medical and dental professionals.

ReSurge is deeply grateful to Dr. Gruber for 50 years of devoted service to children with cleft lips and palates. He is helping to build the capacity of developing world dentists who provide impoverished children the cleft care they need.

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