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Tonmoy, a 13-year-old boy from Dhaka, was unable to raise his arms because of burns he received as a small boy. A few years ago, ReSurge surgeons restored his functionality. Now, he is back to living the life of "a normal boy," as he puts it. When we saw him in May, he wanted to thank the doctors who helped him.
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Reconstructive surgery can make the difference of a lifetime, often with just a few hours of surgery. The result is permanent, immediate and dramatic.

The lives of children with deformities improve, and as they do, so do the lives of their parents, who also were spurned because of the deformities of their children or forced not to work because someone had to stay home to care for their disfigured child.

Men and women who were disabled because of tragic burns and other accidents are given a second chance through surgery and with it, the ability to work and support their families again. The impact continues to ripple through their communities and, indeed, through their countries, as more and more citizens are able to contribute to society.

From its beginnings in 1969, ReSurge International has been a pioneer in the field of reconstructive surgery, delivering an ever-expanding continuum of care to children and adults in some of the most remote regions of the world. Currently, more than 105,000 free surgeries have been provided. Children and adults—and their families—have been profoundly changed by their contact with our organization.

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Young Rifat was badly burned as an infant when a mosquito net over his bed caught fire. Thankfully, he connected with our surgical team in Bangladesh and is now receiving the care he needs for the burn injuries on his hands. > more
Jonathan was playing at home when he accidentally knocked over a pot of boiling water, severely burning his chest and arms. The scar tissue that formed connected his arm partially to his chest, preventing him from lifting his arm in the air. But thanks to our team, he has a chance to achieve his dream of becoming a basketball player. > more
Little Jacob suffered a terrible burn injury as a baby that left him unable to use his arms to do everyday things. But treatment from our international medical partner in the country has given him the use of his arms back - and with it, his independence. > more
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