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Since 1969, volunteers from the United States and abroad have worked under exhausting conditions and given up pay, vacation time and comfort to help transform lives.
Volunteer Surgical Team Trips

Working in the underserved regions of 13 countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America, ReSurge International teaches, empowers and partners with volunteers and overseas medical professionals so that children living in poverty have free access to the safest and highest quality care, now and in the future.

Sending teams of medical volunteers overseas is our oldest model of delivering care. Since 1969, medical volunteers have donated and dedicated their time to help children and adults receive the treatment they desperately need. Volunteer team trips continue to have a critical role in providing surgeries in locations where the caseload is overwhelming, teaching and improving the quality of health care, and evaluating new sites.

These surgical teams include volunteer plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, operating room and recovery room nurses, as well as coordinator/translators who provide general patient, family and team support and perform clerical work. Some teams also include nurse educators, hand therapists and physical therapists. ReSurge surgical teams generally include 10 to 15 members; our teams are small so as not to overwhelm our host country colleagues and local medical facilities. Trips generally last two weeks.

Each year, these surgical teams perform 620 life-transforming surgeries and provide hands-on training and lectures. In addition, team trips are an effective way to interact with the host and the site in order to further educate and to assess needs more fully. Information gathered and relationships built through team trips help determine the need for and subject matter of future visiting educator workshops and often lead to the establishment of a Surgical Outreach Program.

If you would like to volunteer, please see our volunteer section.

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