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When Dr. Goran Jovic was presented the case of a teenager attacked by a hyena, he turned to RGR for help. With advice from colleagues around the world, Goran was able to repair the wounds.
Technology and ReSurge Grand Rounds (RGR)

Our international partners have ongoing access to continuing education, peer collaboration and medical oversight thanks to ReSurge International’s innovative and advanced use of the latest available technology.

ReSurge Grand Rounds (RGR) is a web-based program that connects isolated developing world surgeons and anesthesiologists with a global network of medical professionals for advice on difficult cases and to collaborate in the delivery of high-quality care to poor patients. Using RGR, physicians in the developing world post photos and case summaries of complicated cases online. Experienced ReSurge partners then log in and offer advice and insight into available surgical techniques and follow-up care. Often our international partners in other developing countries offer the most practical and useful advice.

RGR’s supportive, collaborative environment is especially important to physicians operating in isolation. In many developing countries, there are fewer than 10 reconstructive plastic surgeons. Additionally, political and social unrest plague many countries and isolate the doctors further. RGR provides professional peer support and encouragement, and connects doctors to other physicians who are similarly committed to caring for those with no other access to care.

Technology for Teaching

Additional training resources are offered through ReSurge’s Online Teaching Library. We also have CD-ROM educational tools and partner with Global- HELP, which is committed to distributing affordable health education materials. All these tools provide critical information for our team members around the world, and include the latest medical abstracts, books and presentations for anesthesia, surgery, pediatrics and nursing.

Technology for Quality Control

ReSurge’s advanced use of technology also allows for remote quality control. ReSurge’s chief medical officer and a team of expert surgeons systematically review all cases performed through our 10 Surgical Outreach Programs. Our international medical partners upload detailed case histories, accompanied by photographs of the procedures, on a secure web-based form. Our burn and cleft outreach databases provide rich sources of data and an online quality improvement process that help assure uniformly high standards of care. Additionally, team trip volunteers use personal data assistants (PDAs) to record patient chart information, which provides important statistical data that can be used to assess ReSurge’s ongoing impact.

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Severe burns remain a neglected health crisis in developing countries, particularly among poor women and children. Learn more about the staggering scope and solutions.