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ReSurge works in 15 developing countries with 12 permanent Surgical Outreach Programs in eight of them. Year-round, our international partner surgeons and their medical teams provide reconstructive surgical care for those living in poverty in their countries.
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ReSurge's mission is to provide reconstructive surgical care and build surgical capacity in developing countries. We envision a world where all people have access to life-changing reconstructive surgical care that is safe, timely and affordable.

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Mohammed Hussein appeared to be an amputee when we first met him. At the age of 7 he fell into a vat of hot tar, severely burning his right leg, and without proper treatment, the burned skin on his leg contracted and scarred, fusing his calf to his thigh. ReSurge is providing the surgical care he needs to walk again. ... > more
Christine's mother in central Zambia feared that her little girl would grow up ostracized or unable to go to school because of her cleft lip. But since ReSurge provided surgery to repair her Christine's lip, her mother's fears have been alleviated. ... > more
Lilliam in Nicaragua was first treated by a ReSurge team more than a decade ago. She was born with a rare condition that leaves the face disfigured and sunken in. We were able to help reconstruct her face a decade ago, and had the pleasure of reconnecting with her recently and seeing how she has thrived. ... > more
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