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ReSurge’s mission is to provide reconstructive surgical care and build surgical capacity in developing countries. The organization's goals are:

Build surgical skills in low-resource settings by creating and deploying surgical and educational programs
Increase access to high-quality surgical care for the poor by developing the next generation of humanitarian reconstructive surgeons and their local teams
Restore function and improve lives by providing the full scope of reconstructive surgery for more poor children and adults


ReSurge envisions a world in which no human being suffers physically or emotionally from a repairable congenital deformity or injury. To reach that vision, ReSurge partners with volunteers and overseas medical partners to both provide surgical care and to educate and empower local medical professionals so that high-quality surgical access is available year-round—now and for generations to come.

Core Values

Commitment to the Poor

ReSurge works to ensure that vulnerable children and adults do not have to suffer from repairable deformities or injuries due to a lack of resources or access.
ReSurge seeks to restore the functionality and productivity of the children and adults we treat.


ReSurge strives to increase access to surgical care by training and empowering medical professionals in developing countries.
ReSurge partners with overseas medical colleagues to help fulfill the priorities and needs of their local communities.


Sensitivity to, and respect for, other cultures as equals pervades the ReSurge philosophy and deeply influences the manner in which we conduct ourselves.
ReSurge maintains no political or religious affiliations.
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Our annual report gives a great snapshot of the life-changing work we do and tells just some of the stories of hope that ReSurge has brought to children and adults around the world.