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As long as billions of people around the world cook over open fires, there will be victims like Quynh who are in need of lifetransforming reconstructive surgery.

ReSurge’s mission is to provide free reconstructive surgery for people in developing countries, and to help improve health care worldwide. The organization’s goals are to establish, develop, and maintain host-country medical care and educational programs with the following objectives:

Provide direct patient care—reconstructive surgery and integrated care services—to those with no other resources.
Provide educational training and medical interchange.
Assist host-country medical colleagues toward medical independence.

ReSurge maintains no political or religious affiliations. Sensitivity to, and respect for, other cultures as equals pervades the ReSurge philosophy and deeply influences the manner in which we conduct ourselves as ambassadors.


ReSurge envisions a world in which no human being suffers physically or emotionally from a repairable congenital deformity or injury. To reach that vision, ReSurge partners with volunteers and overseas medical colleagues to educate and empower local communities so that medical access is available year-round—now and for generations to come.

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Severe burns remain a neglected health crisis in developing countries, particularly among poor women and children. Learn more about the staggering scope and solutions.